How Are Cars Recycled?

Auto Recycling Vancouver is one of the biggest industries in the United States which generates an income of $25 billion per year to the country's GDP. There are numerous companies involved in auto recycling Vancouver. Around 95% of cars are recycled each year, as stated by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. In the United States about 12 million cars end their lives every year, which is a tremendous chance for Auto Wreckers Vancouver. 

In return, many car buyers engaged in Scrap Car removal in Vancouver are willing to offer you top cash for cars.  

Most Auto Wreckers Vancouver adhere to the following Process of  Auto Recycling and Scrap car removal.

Nearly all components of a vehicle can be recycled. The rate of recycling exceeds 90 percent for an average vehicle. 

Car buyers that offer cash for cars are often able to recover components such as wheels, windscreen, vehicle  batteries, body, cooling systems, transmissions, hoses, carpets, seats, belts, filters, and pads from junk vehicles.

Around 220 million used tires are recovered in the United States per year, with an 80 percent recycle rate and are reused to construct roads. Glass recovered from vehicles are reused to produce tiled floors, beads and jewels. 

By recycling a glass ton, approximately 10 oil gallons can be saved from being used to make new glass. Similarly, vehicle batteries and vehicle bodies can be recycled to manufacture various items. 

How is Vancouver Scrap Car Removal carried out?

As a vehicle approaches the end of its useful life, it can be sold to a company that carries out Auto Recycling Vancouver that offers cash for cars. When the vehicle arrives at Auto Wreckers Vancouver, it will complete 4 simple stages.

  1. Thorough examination of your junk vehicle:

Auto Recyclers Vancouver examines the vehicle to determine whether it is more desirable to restore than to recycle. If the restoration is unsustainable, car buyers shall continue with demolition and recycling. About 90% of the vehicles in the scrap yard  are demolished and recycled rather than restored. 

  1. Flushing fluids and removal of important elements:

Scrap Car Removal company flushes various fluids like fuel, gasoline, coolants, engine and brake oils and fluids. Auto Recyclers Vancouver isolate and collect toxic chemicals for proper disposal. Liquids like gasoline and oils are being refined and reused.

The vehicle engine and motor are then separated from the vehicle body and the useful components are extracted and polished. Other parts, including tires and vehicle batteries, are often extracted for reselling or recycling purposes. 

  1. Resell retrieved vehicle parts: 

Several vehicle parts can be reused as they are to fix other vehicles and other components can be sold to vehicle parts remanufacturers. Vancouver scrap car removal companies either sell these parts via a separate reusable part selling unit or to a local repairing service straightaway.

  1. Smashing and tearing: 

After all the reusable vehicle parts -  with the exception of metals like steel and iron - are collected and retained or sold, what finally remains is the vehicle chassis, which comprises numerous metals. Auto recyclers Vancouver then smashes and crushes the chassis into a thin metal lump. If the lump was compressed into a cube shaped block, it would be sized like a small oven.